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Jdatestamp datefmt helper

Below is a javascript application to generate the -datefmt option for Jdatestamp. The UI below allowes you to represent the same date:
Saturday, August 7 2004, 2:48:09 am
in different formats. You can copy and paste the datefmt option to your jdstmprc.txt or jdatestamp command after you choose the desired format.

First Choose the Week format or select blank if you do not want the week.

Then choose the desired date format in either of the two date sections. The top section is for DAY-MONTH-YEAR style and the bottom section is for MONTH-DAY-YEAR style. For the month you can select the month name or the number. For the day or month number you can choose to add or omit the leading zero. For the DATE-MONTH-YEAR style you can also add the 'th' suffix to the day 7. You can change the separator in both sections.

In the time section you can choose the hour with or without the leading zero. The minute formatting is fixed. You can choose to have or omit the seconds. Then you can choose the ampm text format or select 24 hour format. You can also choose to drop the time section by unchecking the checkbox on top.

Refer the example date text box to see how the stamped date will look like.

Week Date  Time
Hour Min Sec AM/PM
: 48:
Use this value for the option -datefmt
Example Stamped Date Text:

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