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Jdatestamp - Date Stamper for Digital Pictures

Version 1.2 Updated January 13 2015

Please Note

I have released a new software called Jambula for Date Stamping photos. It has a UI and improved features like multiple languages, text outline and border and comment on a separate line. Please check it out here.

About Jdatestamp

Jdatestamp is a free command line program to imprint the date/time/comments of a digital picture onto its JPEG image. It gets the date from the EXIF header information generated by most digital cameras.

The date stamp is lossless. You can choose the Location, font, pointsize, color, date format, vertical orientation and optional automatic color selection for date text. You can also batch process multiple images with a single command.

For more information see the User Guide, technical information and change log.

Quick Start

First download (or the appropriate binary for UNIX machines) from here and extract the zip file to a folder of your choice like C:.

Then add the jdatestamp-1.2 installation directory where jdatestamp.exe and other files are present (C:\jdatestamp-1.2 for example) to your PATH environment variable or on UNIX platforms create a softlink to the jdatestamp binary from a directory already in your PATH like ~/bin or /usr/local/bin.

Then open a command prompt window and type the below command after replacing the files in italics with your own input and output file:

jdatestamp -outfile "C:/My Documents/prints/stampedphoto.jpg" "C:/My Documents/pictures/myphoto.jpg"
Then check the output file for the date stamp. You may want to change the date format. Please see the User Guide for this and other options.

For more detailed installation instructions or to compile the source please see the Installation instructions.


Jdatestamp was written by Suresh Mahalingam. Please post bugs, comments and suggestions to
Jdatestamp Discussions.

My email is


Jdatestamp is free to download, use, modify and redistribute for non-commercial and commercial purposes without any warranties of course.

The above statement does not extend to IJG with Jpegtran, Freetype2 Library, jhead and VeraBI.ttf font file from Bitstream used by the binaries though they are also free. Please check their web sites for usage conditions.


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